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Shenyang Special Form Butterfly Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd., one of Chinese manufactures exporting butterfly valves, is experienced in design, production and experiment. It is appointed and approved as the manufacturer of anti-heavy-corrosive butterfly valves, metallic sealing butterfly valves and soft sealing butterfly valves by Water Supply & Drainage Equipment Branch, China Construction Metal Structure Association and the Ministry of Construction. It enjoys a high reputation.
The company engages in manufacturing low and middle pressure valves as well as symmetrical straight panel single/double eccentric soft sealing butterfly valves and tri-eccentric metallic hard sealing butterfly valves. These valves are connected by butt clamp and dual flange, with drift diameter of DN32-2000mm, under the pressure of PN0.1-2.5Mpa and driven by hand movement, gear, air and power. Besides, the company also produces dozens of valves, such as check valves, regulating valves, balance valves, gate valves, cut-off valves, diaphragm valves, expansion joints, and gate lifting devices. The independently developed double eccentric series butterfly valves won the Silver Award in 11th National Invention Exhibition. Our factory has co-established a tightly-knit group with Shenyang Hengyi Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Recently, the company researched and manufactured anti-heavy-corrosion series butterfly valves with the internationally advanced coating technology (melting resin). The series butterfly valves avoid poor adhesion, easy aliquation and abscission, and low anticorrosive performance existing in common anticorrosive butterfly valves, etc. SEBF melting resin, featured with good steadiness, acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance, adopts bulkcoat to keep from joint leakage and corrosion. The use of common carbon steel in place of stainless steel or titanium alloy reduces equipment investment and increases adhesion. Its maximum bonding strength reaches 90Mpa, which by no means ordinary rubber and plastic liners achieve. Great in wear resistance, they are suitable for petrified system and sewage treatment industries at high temperature and in highly-corrosive environments.
Since its establishment, the factory has constantly developed in fierce market competition, provided top products and excellent services and repeatedly won “Quality Reputation Guarantee Unit”, “Quality Tracing Unit”, “AAA-level Credit Unit of Bank of China” by virtue of solid technical strength, sound inspection methods, strict quality assurance system, and well-trained staff. It has passed the certifications of ISO9002 Quality Management System in Aug. 1998 and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2003, and won Recognized Certificate of China Classification Society Factory in Feb. 2000.
Taking “Pragmatic Spirit, Excellent Product, Sound Service and Reasonable Price” as our business tenet, we sincerely hope to become your best partner.


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Shenyang Special Form Butterfly Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.