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Pneumatic butterfly valve flange

Pneumatic butterfly valve flange

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Product Name: Pneumatic butterfly valve flange
Product Code:  
Model: D641X-10
Specifications: DN400
Nominal pressure: PN1.0MPa
Principles and
1, butterfly valve structure with short length (compared with the same specifications of other valves), light weight, easy to operate.2, bushing nylon material, the operation of friction resistance, without oiling, and is immersed in water conditions and valve body is not the formation of electrochemical corrosion.3, middle symmetric: stem center and center of the sealing surface in a line, as shown in Figure 1, the whole valley seat design with rubber, hard by the impurity effect, both ends of the sealing surface of the joint body line pipe installation can notAdditional gasket while maintaining a reliable seal.Valve plate with streamline design, can be bi-directional use, small resistance, excellent flow characteristics.4, single eccentric: stem center and a sealing surface eccentricity between center of b, as shown in Figure 2, when the disc starts, can quickly leave the sealing surface, reducing friction, opening and closing torque is small, the structuresimple sealing gap can be adjusted, good sealing performance, long life, easy maintenance and use.5, double eccentric type: stem center and there is a sealing surface center offset b, and with the center there is a path eccentricity e, as shown in Figure 3, by two eccentric, close the valve when the effect arising from tight, the greater the pressure medium, the seal the better, as long as the valve plate can be left sealed a starting point, the maximum reduction of the sealing surface of the wear and tear, and operation of small moment.As the ring together with the valve plate, valve can be replaced without removal of seals, easy adjustment and maintenance. 
Technical parameters:  
Parts Materials: cast iron valve body material name HT200, carbon steel 20,25, steel WCB, stainless steel ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti gray cast iron disc HT200, ductile iron QT400-15, 20,25 carbon steel, cast steel WCB, stainless steel stem ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti45 hard chrome-plated steel, stainless steel 2Cr13 seal NBR, EPDM rubber, fluorocarbon rubber
Overall and connection dimensions:  
Description: This series of butterfly valves suitable for water, sewage, petrochemicals, power, metallurgy, food, medicine, environmental protection, energy systems, industrial pipelines for closure or flow control devices.Selected according to different medium temperature, corrosion resistance, aging resistance of different materials such as valves.
Throughout the country have escort system; as long as you need on time we will let you get the products you need

   Throughout the country have escort system; as long as you need on time we will let you get the products you need





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